Well positioned on social media channels

Many companies do not consider being present on XING or Twitter, mainly because of the time and cost factors. Nevertheless, the engagement is worthwhile. Customer relationship is just one of the aspects.

Text by Ute Klingelhöfer


	  July 2014 | By Ute Klingelhöfer  Well positioned on social media channels

Companies not selling their services directly to consumers, and these normally include service providers from the area of technical communication, often consider engagement on social media to be superfluous. “Our customers are not on social networks”, they are quick to state - a preconception that this article seeks to correct. Opportunities and conditions are highlighted here, where even B2B companies, e.g. providers of technical communication services can successfully engineer customer relationships and new customer business through social networks.

In deed, anyone not dealing directly with selling consumer goods really should not expect a direct increase in sales. Social networking is about increasing the reach of your company website and offerings, better positions on search machines, about new employees and about strengthening your reputation. However, the primary aim is to build ...