Why content marketing and technical communication need each other

The hype around content marketing has left many of us wondering what changes it will bring to our professional lives. Is it all happening in the parallel universe called marketing? Or are we on the road to technical content marketing?

Text by Joe Gollner


Why content marketing and technical communication need each other

Content marketing has been getting a lot of attention recently. And it’s not hard to see why. Organizations are coming to the realization that, in a busy and mobile world, the only sure way to connect with prospective customers is to share good content with them. People have become very adept at skipping over advertisements, whether they see them on television, in magazines, on search engines, or on mobile applications. Marketing teams are therefore confronted with a serious challenge. And, with a fantastic new opportunity. This is why content marketing has received so much attention.

We are all publishers

With content marketing, organizations have come to recognize that they are publishers and that they must produce and deliver content that their customers and prospects want to use. And, just as technical communicators have known for some time, these organizations are also seeing that ...