Connected Intelligent Information with iiRDS and iNEED

Digitalization, Digital Twins, and the Internet of Things are the buzzwords of the day. Yet few of us have achieved the integration of granular content in a consistent information flow. How can we extract information effectively for chatbots and other intelligent devices?

Text by Harald Stadlbauer Markus Kronfellner


Image: © everythingpossible/

Everyone in the field of technical information is talking about Intelligent Information. But what does it actually mean? What is “Intelligent Content” and how can it help us to achieve the major goals of technical communication? In this article, we will outline

  • how to extract content from our technical documentation,
  • how to granularize this content,
  • how to use iiRDS to semantically connect content, making it intelligent,
  • how to enhance content by adding context.

Let us start with how technical information developed over time.

A brief history

Technical information – including both technical documentation and technical training – emerged from the need to enable users to operate technical equipment. During the 20th century, machinery and products became ever more complex. With increasing numbers of suppliers came an increasing amount of supplier documentation – yet, as technical ...