A clear statement

Headings inspire people to keep reading and provide orientation. If headings are thought through systematically and formulated accordingly, a helpful structure can be created.

Text by Markus Nickl


A clear statement

Image: Robyn Mackenzie/ 123rf.com

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the summary of the functions of headings:

  • Portioning: Headings divide the reading flow through pure typography. This makes it easier to find content.
  • Summary: Headings can serve as a type of brief introduction for the reader and present the important information in the text in condensed form.
  • Orientation: Along with summarizing the content, headings can provide a description of the type of information the reader can expect in the following sections.
  • Motivation: Good headings draw the reader towards the text and encourage him to read further.

Style of headings

A core problem while formulating headings is that the described functions don’t mesh well with each other: Portioning, summarizing and orienting suggest clarity, brevity and tangibility. Motivation on the other hand arises from a more hands-on approach, the interactive or the ...