Content management systems tested: Introducing the PI-Fan

How can we measure the functionality of a content management system? The best solution is a neutral standard that can be integrated in any system and that can explain how information is handled. One model that is suitable as a reference is the "PI-Fan".

Text by Wolfgang Ziegler


Content management systems tested: Introducing the PI-Fan

Image: © Oleg Kozhan/

Modern content management systems (CMS) have a number of standard functions that support system-based documentation processes. But what exactly differentiates these systems technically and methodically? This question has become easier to answer with the help of PI-Fan, a collection of content modules that can be implemented in any system and used as a free demonstration and reference model for the respective CMS functions. The modularization and variant management become clear in theory and practice with the help of the underlying PI classification.

The tekom study on special CMS, which first appeared in 2005 and is currently available in its third edition, forms the organizational basis for many selection processes for content management systems in the German speaking region. This study contains market relevant data regarding the prevalence of the systems and their implementation. ...