Better together: technical writers and content marketers

Technical communication and content marketing have a defined goal in common: to deliver high-quality content that helps people solve problems. Yet given this fact, why does a gap – often a yawning chasm – persist between the efforts of technical writers and content marketers within most organizations?

Text by Davin Pukulis


Better together: technical writers and content marketers

What marketing value does technical content have, and how can it be efficiently leveraged? What do tech comm and content marketing teams stand to gain by working collaboratively? The answer in short is: quite a bit, on both the tech comm as well as the marketing side. But to get there, a shared understanding of business goals, a mutual respect for the talents that both teams bring to the table, and a strong methodology of cooperation and collaboration are needed.

Content marketing and the gap

In recent years, content marketing has become one of the most important tools for businesses to generate awareness and demand for their products and services. This rise is due to a particular reality we all face in our modern world – we’re saturated by messaging. In both our online and offline lives it’s nearly impossible to escape the pervasiveness of marketing messages. In fact, the ...